The Werelords... Over four decades of doing this sort of stuff
The work we do tends to be cooperative both in terms of the way we generate a game, all of us working towards a common goal, and the sort of games we play.
Crew of the Locust What and who we are
We’re a bunch of guys who want to do our own thing. What this really means is that after years and years of doing things for various wargames clubs all around the London area, we thought it’d be a good idea to make sure that the material we’ve spent all of our adult lives creating isn’t just pissed away... In alphabetical order we are: Tim Atkinson, Brian Cameron, Ivan Congreve, Kevin Dallimore, Peter Merritt and John Treadaway and probably some more too...
Davros and Cyberman UFO Mobile
We play all sorts of games in lots of different periods, historical and non historical. Use the Games link above or go quickly to a select few using the menu button below
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