The Werelords... Over three decades of doing this sort of stuff
The game was built by Ivan and Brian using action figures and faithfully rendered scale scenery with electronic wizardry supplied by Tim and rule ideas by most of the team.
Game in progress Star Trek: To Boldly Go - the game at Salute 2010 Andorian officer
The 1/10th scale Star Trek game To Boldly Go  was based around a series 3 episode of the series Star Trek. The crew of the Enterprise are made to fight oponents so that an alien life force can feed on their mutual hatred...
Equipment table Sulu in Engineering Gorn on the bridge
Andorian officer
Equipment table
Gorn on Bridge
Sulu in Engineering
Games Galleries Rules Painting Modelling Individual Pages Live roleplay CLICK HERE TO COME HOME Uhura and Klingon Gorn on the bridge
Uhura & Klingon
Uhura & Klingon
Uhura and Klingon The Bridge from the security cam Corridor shot from the security cam
Corridor shot
The bridge
The display The bridge on security cams
The display
Security Cameras
Gorn on the bridge Spock
Bridge Gsme in progress
Game in progress